It's been requested numerous times that we should have information on the Harbors we visit during our Tournaments.  This is what this web page is for.  

Many of us who have been to these Ports have no problem getting to the Marina's and Boat Launches but for the many new members and folks who are branching out to other spots will find this page very helpful.

This is a work in progress and I'll post information as time allows but be assured that I'll have information posted before the event.  



St. Joe's Port Austin Port Sanilac South Haven Grand Haven Ludington Manistee Frankfort

Download a map to take with you.  Click on the link to open the file and print it out.  You need Adobe Reader to open the files, get it here for free.



Grand Haven

As you travel South on US31, turn right onto Harbor Island Dr. right after the drawbridge.  Look for the signs.  Harbor Island Dr. comes up fast so be ready to turn.  Turn right onto Coho drive and follow signs to the Boat Ramp.

Be careful when pulling out of the launch to stay between the buoy markers out to the channel – there are signs at the launch describing the safe route out to deeper water.  Once in the channel be careful to stay there, pay attention to the red and green markers.

When you launch your boat, follow the channel markers west down the river. 

The Marina is located on the south side of the river where the river splits.

Click here for more information on Grand Haven.





Most boats stay at the Ludington Municipal Marina (231) 843-9611, while some others stay at Harbor View.  Both marinas are very nice while Harbor View is a bit more expensive to stay.  Both marinas have fish cleaning stations.

To Boat Ramp: As you come into Ludington on US10 West , turn left on Williams St. Turn right onto Loomis and follow Loomis to the end to get to the Boat Ramp.  The map below shows differently but the boat ramp is still within the breakwalls of the harbor and is completely protected. 

To Municipal Marina : Heading west on US10 turn left on Ludington Ave. (Williams Street is on the north side of US10 while Ludington Ave. is on the south side of US10) . , go two blocks and the Marina will be on your right hand side. Signs to the Boat Ramp & Marina on posted on US10.

Weigh-In :  The weigh-in is held at Waterfront Park directly across from the Municipal Marina.

They also have a few of the side streets closed due to construction but they do not interfere with the directions above.  They are tearing down older buildings to build Condo's.  



Most boats stay at the Municipal Marina and there are a few other private Marinas down river.  The entire river is a "No Wake" zone so that makes it about a 10-15 minute ride from the Marina to the Pierheads.

Head West on 1st Street from US 31 and you'll end up at the boat ramp.  There is a Shell Gas Station on the southeast corner of 31 and 1st street.

Weigh-In:  Our Weigh In and Cookout is held at the picnic/park area directly next to the boat ramp.  You can use the same parking lot for both places.

Insta Launch Campground is located about 3-4 miles north on US 31 from 1st street.




St. Joe's

Heading West on 94, get off at Exit 33 into Benton Harbor.  Follow Main Street until you reach Riverview Dr. and turn Left.  Continue on until you get to the Boat Ramp on the right side.  Alternate route: Turn left on Crystal Ave. off of main St. and then right on E. Britain then left on Riverview Dr. to Boat Ramp

Follow Channel Markers until you reach West Basin Marina.  DNR Link   St. Joe Link



Where 115 and 31 connect (how you get here is up to you) travel north on 31 until you get to 115 and turn left (west) into Frankfort.

When you enter into Frankfort, turn left on 9th Street or a less congested route is turn left on 22 and then right on Main St. (1st road on the right) to the Boat Ramp.  Information on the Frankfort Municipal Marina here.


South Haven

(Above Map) Get off Exit #20 and head west into South Haven.  Turn Right on Broadway. 


(Below Map)  Follow signs to Boat Launch in Black River Park.  The Entrance has a automatic gate that opens when you deposit the entrance fee.  The first automatic gate that takes Credit Cards.....

(Below Map)  From the Boat Ramp, head west and follow the river to the lake.  The Drawbridge has about 13 feet of clearance depending how high or low the level of the water.  An Operator is on duty.  The South Haven Municipal Marina is located down river. The North Municipal Marina is marked on the map.  The South Municipal is directly across the river.



  Port Sanilac

Enter into the town of Port Sanilac by either 46 or 25.  Follow the signs to the DNR Boat Ramp.  After launching your boat be sure to stay inside the channel markers.  IIf your going to the Port Sanilac Municipal Marina from the boat ramp by boat, follow the channel markers to the harbor entrance and then to the marina.  Do not cut directly across to the marina from the boat ramp.  That way is very shallow water.







Port Austin

Port Austin can be a tricky place to navigate and anyone going out without first knowing what to look for could get in trouble fast.

To get to Port Austin you simply follow 53 North into Port Austin.  At the very end of 53 is a stoplight, continue on through the stoplight and the marina entrance is on your left.  Fig: 1

FIG: 1

The City Boat Ramp is located in the marina parking lot with plenty of parking. Figure 2 shows the chart of Port Austin Harbor .  There are transient docks (limited) as well as seasonal.  The red nuns (buoys) located on the west side of the harbor next to the docks mark shallow water on the other side of them.  Keep the red nuns to your right when coming into this area if your slip is on the west side of the dock.  The boat docks are the permanent type (non-floating) and with low water levels, there’s about a 3 foot clearance between the dock and the top of your gunnels.  

                  FIG 2

Figure 3 shows the chart from the Port Austin Harbor (bottom of chart) and going north to the green can marked “1”. 

IMPORTANT  When leaving the harbor by boat the Port Austin Reef Lighthouse is located approximetly 2 statute miles at a heading of 26* magnetic.  KEEP YOUR HEADING WEST OF “0 DEGREES- magnetic”.  IF YOU END UP EAST OF THE LIGHTHOUSE YOU’LL BE SHALLOW WATER. 

When returning to the harbor, stay to the west of the lighthouse roughly 1 mile and then southerly to the harbor entrance. 

Notice the green can (buoy) labeled “3” in between the harbor entrance and the lighthouse.  Keep that buoy on your right side going out and then your left side coming into the harbor.

The green can “1” is a popular fishing spot.