Each year the Flint Steelheaders gives out awards for "Big Fish" and "Big Buck" that were taking by chapter members.  If you would like to enter your  trophies  into the competition and earn bragging rights for the year, just follow the rules below. It is your responsibility to make the weigh master at tournaments aware that you you want a fish weighed separately for the BIG FISH category.  For more information, contact Rick Beardslee at (989) 845-4855


NAME: ___________________________________________________ 

ADDRESS:  _______________________________________________ 

CITY:  ________________________ STATE:  _________ ZIP:  ______________ 

TYPE OF FISH:  ____________________,  LBS:  ____________, OZ:  _________ 

LOCATION CAUGHT: _______________________________________________ 

LURE USED:__________________________________________ 

Cash prizes are: 1st place-$25.00;  2nd-$15.00; 3rd-$10.00. 
Categories for Big Fish are:  Steelhead and Rainbow (one category for both),  Brown Trout, Lake Trout, Chinook (King) Salmon, Coho Salmon, River Run Steelhead /Rainbow, Walleye and Perch. 

1.  MUST be a paid member of the Flint River Chapter at the time of entry. 
2.  All entries should be caught according to State laws and regulations. 
3.  Contest will be open and published in the newsletter. 
4.  Weigh verification MUST accompany all entries, a signed slip or scale ticket. 
5.  A picture must accompany all entries to be considered for Big Fish contest. 
6.  All Big Fish entry forms are to be completely filled out. 
7.  All entries not accompanied by a weight slip or picture will be open to the scrutiny and decision of the Big Fish Chairman, Bobby Sullivan

10. All entries must be entered within 30 days of catch or harvest.







Dave Edel 14oz Manistee Lake 3-31-12 Wiggler



Lake Steelhead

Cody Blanchard 9lbs 3.2oz Manistee   J-Plug
Steve Dennis 9lbs 2.88oz Ludington 6/19/12 Stinger Steelie Stomper
Scott Gray 9lbs 0 oz Ludington Ludington Tournament Scott's Cut Bait Rig
Steve Dennis 8lbs 9.28oz Ludington 6-19-12 Yeck Fireball
Keith Kinyon   Harbor Beach 4-29-12  


Lake Trout

Dave Gossett 17lbs 4oz Holland Holland Challenge  
Jim Blanchard 15lbs 12oz Holland Holland Gale Force Tackle
Keith Kinyon 15lbs 1.5oz Harbor Beach 4-28-12 Spoon
Bob Hall 13lbs3.8oz Holland Holland Challenge  
Pete Budd 11lbs 8oz Harbor Beach   Spoon
Ryan Beardslee 10lbs 5oz St. Joseph   Fly & Spin Doctor


King Salmon

Donna Gray 19lbs 15oz Ludington Ludington Tournament Scott's Cut Bait Rig
Cody Blanchard 18lbs 6.4oz Manistee   Gale Force Spoon
John Lafeldt 16lbs 4oz Frankfort   Meat Rig
Ken Kinyon 16lbs 0oz Harbor Beach   Fish Fly


Coho Salmon

Pete Budd 4lbs 6oz Frankfort   Spoon
Pete Budd 4lbs 4oz Ludington   Spoon


River Steelhead

Randy Bailey 6lbs 14oz Big Manistee Big Manistee River Outing Fly
Bob Hall 6lbs 12oz Ludington Big Manistee River Outing Spawn


Brown Trout

Pete Budd 8lbs 1oz Harbor Beach   Lil Ripper
Rick Beardslee 6lbs 8oz Harbor Beach   Spoon


Atlantic Salmon

Keith Kinyon 9lbs 1.6oz Harbor Beach 4-28-12 Spoon
Pete Budd 7lbs 8oz Port Sanilac   Reef Runner
Jason Gallagher 3lbs 4.8oz Harbor Beach   Fish Fly



Robert Anderson 9lbs 1.9oz Lake Erie 4-12-12 Reef Runner
Randy Gallagher 8lbs 13oz Saginaw Bay   Husky Jerk
Robert Anderson 8lbs 11.5oz Lake Erie 4-12-12 Reef Runner
Robert Anderson 8lbs 6.88oz Lake Erie 4-12-12 Reef Runner
Dave Edel 8lbs. 4oz Manistee 5-3-12 Thunder Stick
Steve Dennis 8lbs. 3.7oz Lake Erie 4-13-12 Reef Runner
Steve Dennis 8lbs. 0.6oz Lake Erie 4-7-12 Husky Jerk

Big Buck

2012 Entries

The Big Buck Contest runs from October 1st through December 31st of each year with the awards presented at the January Membership Meeting. 

All Bucks scored using the Boone & Crocket scoring system Gross Score Total.

Contact Rick Beardslee (989) 845-4855  for more information and where you can get your antlers scored.



Bow Scores

Name Number of Points Total Points

Gun Scores

Norm Foster   129 1/8
Rick Beardslee   123 1/8
Tim Kitchen   123 1/8